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RV Insurance

from Colorado Prestige Insurance Group

RV Insurance

Recreational vehicles give you the freedom and convenience to take your home with you wherever you go. Recreational vehicle insurance gives you the coverage you need to protect you along the way.

All the things people do in their recreational vehicles are meant to be fun and relaxing. The worries over things going wrong can interfere with your entertainment. Let us help you find the right RV insurance to take away your worries and start enjoying every minute you have on the road.

Coverage for the Time You Need It

Whether you’re a frequent traveler or you only travel a couple of weeks out of the year, RV insurance is available on your terms. Get insurance for as many as 250 days out of the year. The custom coverage combines benefits related to home and auto that apply. While coverage options depend on your residential state, most needs can be met with a tailor-made insurance plan.

Liability coverage extends to both bodily injury and property damage that occur from accidents involving the RV. Roadside assistance is also a good option for those times when a breakdown or accident prevents you from driving your RV.

If you frequently park your RV and live in it for extended periods, your coverage should reflect the time it is used as a temporary home. Call us at 303-659-4744 to learn more about your options for RV insurance at your Denver location.

RV Insurance: Not Just for RVs

Motor homes, campers, travel trailers, and horse trailers all fall under the heading of recreational vehicles. At the same time, different vehicles have different insurance needs. If you carry a lot of expensive equipment and tack to transport your horses to equine events, you probably want personal effect coverage in case of damage or theft.

Do you take your expensive fishing gear with you in the camper? Make sure you get adequate coverage to cover your property loss. Some policies also include pet coverage in case you take your four-legged friends on all your family outings.

Getting the right coverage doesn’t mean paying the highest possible price. We can help you find what you’re looking for and help you save money, too. We have access to more options to make customizing your insurance needs easy and affordable.